Argentina Visa for Indian citizens is FREE. You need the below-mentioned documents to apply for the Argentina visa. Even though the Argentina visa process time is written as 30 days, they give you the visa within a week if all the documents are apt. The validity of the visa is a bit of a gray area but in most cases, you get it for 90-days. Make sure you mention you want a multiple-entry visa.

Argentina visa for Indian Citizens requirements

Valid PassportA valid passport with blank page(s) for the visa stamp
Passport Size PhotosConfirm the size and the background requirements
Proof of onward travelConfirmed ticket(s) into and out of the country
Hotel BookingsHotel reservations for the intended length of stay in the country
Trip ItineraryA detailed itinerary of your trip in the country.
Proof of financial fundsProof of significant funds to cover your expenses while in the country
Letter to the Embassy CounselorA letter to the counselor describing the purpose of the visit


  • Letter from Employer
  • Proof of funds – (a) 3 months salary slips, (b) Last 3 years Income Tax Returns, and (c) Copy of a Credit Card
  • Cost: FREE (for Indians)
  • Validity: 90 days, on each entry
  • Visa Process Time: 30 days
  • Official¬†information

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Applying for Argentina Visa for Indian Citizens in South America

  • Ecuador:¬ I applied for the Argentina tourist visa at the Argentine consulate in Quito, Ecuador.¬†I submitted¬†all the required¬†documents. As proof of onward travel, I showed a round-trip bus ticket from Brazil. Seeing this, the consular asked me to apply for the visa in Brazil since I was going to enter Argentina from Brazil
    Takeaway –¬ You need to show a flight ticket from Ecuador to Argentina to apply in Ecuador
  • Brazil:¬ I called the Argentina consulate in Sao Paulo and they said they can’t issue a tourist visa to non-Brazilians. I went to Rio de Janeiro consulate and the consular agreed to take my application but I was put off by the 1 week waiting time. So, I decided to apply later. A mistake, because the Argentina consulates in Foz do Iguacu and Porto Alegre denied my request giving the same reason as the Sao Paulo consulate
    Takeaway –¬ Apply for Argentina tourist visa in Rio de Janeiro
  • Bolivia:¬ Argentina visa for Indian citizens is not available in Bolivia.
  • Uruguay:¬ After some 4 months of wild goose chase, I finally got the Argentina tourist visa in Montevideo, Uruguay. Submit the required documents and they take about 3-5 days to process your visa.
    Takeaway: Easiest Argentina visa for Indian citizens is to be gotten in Uruguay.

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Tourist visa secrets to help you save money