Renting a car is another popular way of traveling. It gives you the freedom to stop anywhere for photography and travel at your own pace. Most travel agencies accept a driver’s license from your home country. But, if it is easy to get an International Driving License in your country then surely get one. Also, when you rent a car definitely buy insurance. Yes, it adds a few dollars to the car rental but it saves you a lot of money if something unforeseen happens. Plus the tips in this cheap car rental guide will save you some money, so worry not.

1985 Rented Volkswagen in Brazil

1985 Rented Volkswagen in Lencois, Brazil

Twice, I rented cars in Brasil with fellow backpackers and we had a blast.

Cheap car rental websites:

1.¬ Skyscanner Car Rental

2.¬ Travel Supermarket

3.¬ Kayak Car Rental

4 Cheap Car Rental Tips

(i) Ask other travelers in your hostel if they are interested in renting a car together

(ii) Check online the daily car rental charges. Then, go to a local car renting agency. Most likely, they will give you a better price. Do see the car. As in some cases local car rental agencies have old beaten-up cars. And, you might not get the standard service that you get from an international player like Thrifty or Enterprise but you will most likely get cheap car rental. Get all the specific information from the agent

Rented Car with other travelers

Rented car with other travelers from the hostel

(iii) Check out one-way car rental deals. Sometimes, travel agencies want their cars driven to a travel agency in another city. In that scenario they have cheap car rental deals. Try putting in different nearby cities as drop-off location or talk to the agents directly if there are any cars that need to be dropped off.
There was a conference in Las Vegas. So, a lot of people drove rented cars from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and dropped off the cars in Las Vegas. Now, these cars needed to be transported back to Los Angeles. I managed to rent one of these cars for only $5 a day with pick-up from Las Vegas and drop-off Los Angeles

(iv) I got an idea when I first found BlaBlaCar ride-sharing. This idea works if a car rental agency allows drop-off at a second location or if you traveling a circle and will be back where you starting

Q. How blablacar works?

A.¬ BlaBlaCar¬†let’s you post rides on the website. For e.g. if you are driving from London to Paris on Friday evening and you can sit four people in the car. Then, you can post your trip¬†information on BlaBlaCar¬†– cost per seat, timing, duration, car, number of available seats etc. Others can view your trip information and they contact you if they are interested in sharing a ride with you. Similarly, people who need a ride post their requests. And, drivers can contact them.
The idea – Check BlaBlaCar to find the location(s) where most people are interested in going. Get confirmation from them for a specific date. Then, rent a car and drive with them. This way you will split the car rental, petrol/gasoline cost and you will get to see the place as well.

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