As a traveler who chases authentic travel experiences, you see an increase in people’s interest in traveling. At the same time, you see that this new found interest leads them to tour catalogs, swanky resorts, cramped itinerary and a trip to the usual places with guidebook experiences. As a solo traveler who traveled to 15 countries in the past 12 months, I have found two articles that will assist travelers and would-be travelers to seek out authentic solo travel experiences and create unique memories.

Ryan Murdoch, Editor-at-Large for Outpost Magazine gives pin-point traveling tips in his article titled “How to Travel Properly“. He mentions the difference between solo travel and traveling in company. He gives a great tip on how to use the guidebook in reverse to avoid the crowd and find unique places. The importance of a flexible itinerary is also very aptly described in the article. The article very beautifully captures the aspect of finding your own “sites” beyond visiting the usual touristy places. The importance of research is also covered in the article.

solo travel in my own hometown

In the second article, Adam Sachs, travel editor at Travel + Leisure magazine writes in his article titled “How to Find Authentic Travel Experiences“, about the changing scenery of the travel industry and how it provides an opportunity to experience authentic solo travel through travel agencies who concentrate on providing such services. In the article, he mentions agencies that set up people with locals to get an insight into the local culture. The article also mentions unique solo traveling experiences like, chartering a boat with Winston Churchill’s granddaughter or playing Chess in the Scottish highlands with a grand-master, that can be achieved through some travel companies that cater to the travelers seeking authentic experiences.
Sunset in my hometown

How to solo travel in your town

Drawing on the two articles and my experience traveling the world, I have listed three actions that I recommend to a traveler seeking authentic solo travel experiences. These three actions will lead you to unique experiences in your own hometown:

  • Find a unique dish: In your hometown or wherever you may be, find a food item or a drink that is unique to where you are right now
  • Go to an event: Search for an event happening in your hometown this weekend and attend it, whatever it may be
  • Chase a sunset: Wherever you are (besides certain polar places), the sun always sets. Find your sunset spot in your town. If possible, go there often and you will have your peaceful sanctuary

Starting today, you can engage yourself into authentic travel experiences in your own hometown or your current location and it will prepare you for your future voyages into the wider world

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