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How to start traveling: Near your hometown

The Ways To Get Travel Experience Wherever You Are
3 Ways to Travel in your own Hometown

Drawing on the two articles and my experience traveling the world, I have listed three actions that I recommend to a traveler seeking authentic experiences. These three actions will help you search for unique experiences in your own hometown [read more ...]
5 Ways to get Travel Experience near your Hometown

5 Ways you can get a real travel experience in a village, city or town near your hometown. Blue collared lunch, quaint downtowns, farms and farm animals. 5 ways to enjoy any type of locale you decide to go to this weekend [read more . . .]
How to start traveling: CouchSurfing Weekend

Couchsurfing is a website which let's you contact hosts anywhere in the world and the hosts let you stay at their place for free. So, why not try Couchsurfing at a place near to you. How to use Couchsurfing and experience a whole new world of travelsphere [read more . . .]

Cheap Accommodation Options

Economical Accommodation Options While Traveling
Hostels are the heartbeat of backpacking travel. But, it is not solely restricted to backpackers. Anyone can enjoy the joys of hostels. How to stay at a hostel to experience the little beauties of travel
Camping is the best way to get close to nature. Songs being sung around a bon-fire. Getting face to face with the stars from the tent. Waking up to the first rays of the sun. How to camp anywhere for free (almost!)
Airbnb provides an authentic experience of staying at a local's house with foregoing all the luxuries of a hotel. It is a great option if traveling in a big group as well. Airbnb guide

Tourist Visa Guide

Tourist Visa Guide
79 Countries Indians can visit without a visa

Indians can travel to 26 countries without a visa, can get a visa-on-arrival for 34 countries and can apply for an e-visa for 19 countries [Read More . . .]
Tourist Visa Exceptions

A valid Schengen (EU) Visa can get you a visa-free entry to 52 countries. A valid US Visa can get you a visa free-entry to 24 countries. A valid Canada Visa can get you a visa-free entry to 18 countries [Read More . . .]

Transportation Guide

Transportation Guide
Guide to cheap flight tickets

A guide to finding and booking cheap flights using different search engines, finding error fares, booking midway flights and using fuel dumping techniques
Bus guide to the Americas

Information regarding the buses of the US, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and other South American countries
Car Rental Guide

A guide to renting cars abroad. Tips on saving money on car rentals and one new option of ridesharing