Having travelled to 32 countries and 18 Indian states, I learned the importance of exploring and understanding local cuisines. Whether in Peru, Patagonia or Cuba, I missed the food from Bhuj (my hometown) the most. I took several food tours in different countries like Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and the US among others. Inspired by these food tours, I offer the Kutch Food Tour in my own town of Bhuj, Gujarat.

Kutch is the largest district in Gujarat and second-largest in India. Bhuj is the main town of Kutch district. Until some 200 years ago, Kutch was only accessible by the sea. Therefore, Kutchi culture, language, textiles, and lifestyle are unique and very different from the rest of Gujarat. Kutchi cuisine is also significantly different from Gujarati cuisine. Due to no road connectivity for centuries Kutchi cuisine grew independently utilizing local ingredients.

Kutch Food and Folk Tour in Bhuj

In two hours, we will sample dishes eaten for breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner. We will sample eight dishes including dessert and we’ll end with a local beverage of your choice.

You won’t come across a majority of these food dishes anywhere else in Kutch or Gujarat. The dishes will cover the entire taste spectrum from sweet to sour and spicy to salty. To name a few dishes, we will sample Patra, Gugra and Lasaniya Dabeli. We will visit street food vendors, dessert shops, breakfast joints and local hangout spots.

Marcha Vada (Green Chilly Fritters) Kutch Food Tour
Marcha Vada (Green Chilly Fritter)

But, it won’t be only food. Kutch is a land of myths, mysteries and legends. As a travel writer and local, I travel around Kutch in search of poetic and romantic stories. I will share them with you as you indulge in mouthwatering delicacies.

Do you know how the White Rann came to be? Have you heard of Jesal-Toral? How about the Jatt Boli? Would you like to learn about the lives of the nomadic Rabaris of Banni Grasslands?

These stories will warm your heart and give you a few goosebumps. Are you ready to indulge in the food and folktales of Kutch?
We will begin near Hamisar Lake with three different food dishes. After that, we will enter the Old Town for some Ganthiya at a breakfast joint. Later, we will walk to Hospital Road, downtown Bhuj, for local specialities, dessert and beverages. The tour will end in Hospital Road. It is easy to find public transportation and rickshaws (tuk-tuks) to/from Hamisar Lake and Hospital Road.


Duration: 2 Hours

Type: Walking Tour

Language: English, Hindi, Spanish, and Portu√Īol

When: Everday, 730-930 pm

Where: Bhuj, Gujarat.

Number of Dishes: 8 including one dessert and one local beverage.

Cost: Rs. 450 per person (US$ 7) including the price of all samples. To be paid in cash before the tour starts.

10% discount for students, defence personnel, senior citizens, and people with special needs. Valid ID required

Meeting Point: Kutch Museum

Kutch Food Tour Booking

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Special Food Tours

For special tours send an email to [email protected]

Moped Food Tour

A 1.5-hour food + old town tour of Bhuj. We will visit little-known corners, one-pony streets, secretive food joints, chirpy chai joints, old vegetable market, tobacco rollers among other places. It can be arranged at any time of the day from 8 am to 8 pm. Night food + old town tour is a unique way to experience the tranquillity of the old town. Optional moped driving included. Free hotel pickup provided.

Cost: Rs. 950 including everything.

10% discount for students, defence personnel, senior citizens & people with special needs.

Special Needs Food Tour

A 2-hour food + old town tour of Bhuj tour for visitors with special needs can be arranged. Mode of transportation will be a hatchback, sedan, or SUV based on the number of people or individual necessity. The cost to be determined after learning about special needs.

Other Culinary Food Tours

Kathiawadi Thali in Bhuj Kathiawadi Thali in Bhuj

Food tours focusing on other cuisines of India can be arranged in Bhuj as well. Punjabi, South Indian, Indo-Chinese, Mumbai, and Kathiyawadi food tours can be arranged. Price to be determined based on cuisine, the number of people and a couple of other factors.

Off-The-Beaten-Path Kutch Tour