What is Airbnb India?

Airbnb is the new kid around the block when it comes to accommodation. Think of it as the Uber of the Hotel Industry. It is not quite free like Couchsurfing, but you do get to stay in different types of houses, buildings, farms, island hideaways etc. One of the main advantages of Airbnb India is that you can book places for 6-10 people. The experience of 6-10 friends or family members staying in a house or apartment is much more fun than staying in 4-5 different hotel rooms. And, Airbnb India is more economical than renting hotel rooms.

How Airbnb India works?

On Airbnb, people list their accommodation for a certain price. The accommodation can be an entire house, a room in the apartment, a couch, a tent in the garden or any possible space that they own. Here is an example of two accommodations available in Goa

Airbnb India Goa Listings Two example Airbnb India listings in Goa

How to find places on Airbnb India?

The Airbnb India interface is pretty straightforward & self-explanatory. You type in the city name in the search bar, put in the dates, the number of guests and hit search. Airbnb will show places both in list form and a local map form. You can zoom in or out and move around on the map and new places will appear in the currently in-focus region of the map. You will have to create a free Airbnb account to book accommodations. If you sign-up with the link I provided you will get Rs. 2500 ($40) off on your first reservation. That is one night stay free.
Couple of things to keep in mind:

1. Room Type: There are three options

Airbnb India Room Options

(i) Entire Home: Where the host will hand you the keys to the castle. Works best when traveling in group

(ii) Private Room: You will have your own room while the host might be living in a separate space

(iii) Shared Room: More like Couchsurfing and staying in a hostel. You might be sharing the room or you will be sleeping in the common area

2. Instant Book: Generally, when you book a place on Airbnb India you actually send a request to the host. The host then accepts or denies your request after reviewing it. Instant Book listings work like hotels, where you get instant confirmation. So, make sure to select Instant Book if you are in a rush.

3. Filter Button: Hit the filter button to get a set of options like WiFi, Kitchen, Host Language, Elevator, Parking etc.

Accommodation Filter Options


Oh yes and Airbnb has added a host of new features to enhance your travel experience. Check out the Airbnb new features

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